Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D Speedster


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convertible d porsche Hopefully you will enjoy sharing my experience of building a 356 Porsche kit car and useful information about the 356, kit cars, useful links and other information that I often trawled the net for hours trying to find info.

It also brings together all my cars history so that one day I have got something to look back upon and if ever you see my car at a show fellow enthusiasts have something to share.

I used to find it interesting looking at other peoples sites and I hope you find this interesting to.

Building this Porsche replica speedster kit car was far from straightforward. I was unlucky to choose a cowboy outfit to buy the original body moulds from (Legend Motor Company - Terry Sands)  and things went downhill from there for quite a while but thankfully as you will see, a lot of perseverance, patience and money, has brought to life the dream of owning a classic sports car.

The 356 Porsches are without a doubt my favourite style of classic sports car and to now own one is a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy looking at my site, there are some useful links and bits of info.

If you want to email me you can, my email is kev@porsche356.co.uk

If you are in the process of or are about to start building a kit my sincere best wishes to you, it would be good to hear from you.

If you are thinking about starting I can definitely recommend Speedstars, dealings I had with Chesil were a bit unhelpful but Speedstars do know what they are doing and if you look at the finish of my car you will see that they take a lot of pride in their work - see the links page to get in touch with them.

The picture above is my car, a few weeks from completion but pretty much there now. I hope to take final delivery of it following a hood being fixed and other bits and be driving it within a few days from now (24/11/03).

Final delivery received on Sunday 14th December 2003.

Arggh, pain, engine seized the following Sunday.

19/02/04 - Tentative joy - got a new engine in, replaced seals and got it fired up last night. Couple of leaks to fix tonight but its looking ok. Update on the build page.

11/09/04 - Things still going well. Bit worried that the engine is getting hot but haven't done enough miles in the 356 to know how bad this could be (or not as it might turn out. Will probably move the oil cooler behind the wheel arch over the winter. I have moved the ATF filler tank from behind the engine fan housing to the rear of the engine, much more accessible and the leaks have stopped so it may have been where it was situated. All in all bar moving the oil cooler it seems good. It's really weird getting in an older car after getting out of a new one. My current car has quite sharp brakes, power steering etc but the porsche has got none of this, almost to the point you think the brakes are not right.. but they are!

11/09/04 - Updated the final build picture gallery, lot of work but it looks fantastic

16/09/04 - added a few more with the hood up

02/04/05 - Updated build pics

More pics added, done a lot of mods to it over winter ready for the summer.

June 2008 - build pages updated & alternator is in >>>boot carpet, accelerator cable modification, exhaust cooling shroud

Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D