Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D


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The hell of dealing with Terry Sands and
Legend Motor Company

This is a dark chapter in my cars history.

I originally bough the kit from a company called Legend Motor company based on Worcestershire, the proprietor was Terry Sands who, on first impressions was a really enthusiastic and honest bloke.

How wrong I was. Not knowing any better the Convertible D I was shown when I first turned up to see other cars built was in fact someone else's Speedster that he had borrowed to 'fix'

There never was, or to this day, has ever been a completely built convertible D. To my knowledge there isn't one on the road yet so mine is a first. In truth it is probably more of a modified speedster but the deeper squarer window screen makes it a bit more D than speedster.

Might sound great to have the first one but lets bear in mind the major stumbling block here......You buy a Kit car for a lot of money, it's quite an investment. And then with all your enthusiasm you expect to be able to buy all the bits you need to complete it.

That's the plan with a kit isn't it?

Not as far as Terry Sands is concerned. It is the most soul destroying experience to have a cowboy keep fobbing you off (my 2 month kit completion date took almost 4 years), then you are in too deep to pull out and when I finally got it back I could not get the bits I needed to build it.

He never once told me the truth

It is absolutely soul destroying. It was only when other kit car owners contacted me to tell me that he had gone bust did I realise he had bailed out leaving a lot of very angry people.

I wasn't burnt as some so take one lesson from this. If you ever buy a kit see the car finished and talk to a owners club, they usually know what is going on.

Your heart rules your head. I didn't buy the kit because it was cheap, I bought it at full price because it was what I wanted.

I approached Chesil but Peter Bailey didn't really want to help my despite sending quite a bit of business his way. Don't suppose I can blame him but it kinda makes you feel a bit out in the cold and disillusioned with the whole market.

Thankfully I found Speedstars who had the ability to get my car on the road or it quite simply wouldn't have happened.

Update 1/2/05 - just had a nice email from Jerry Baker and Angus, they have taken over from Peter Bailey at Chesil so hopefully there will be a new impetus into the Chesil brand and if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the situation I was left in by Terry Sands they might be able to help. Good Luck guys.


Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D