Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D


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Well I intend to enjoy my car. I am after a luggage rack for the back and a couple of badges/scripts such as a couple of Drauz coach building badges for the front quarter, one each side.

I also fancy some over riders for the bumpers but right now money has to go on other things. Luckily my wife has said I won't have to get rid of it if we start a family.

Smaller things such as fitting a luminition electronic ignition (to get rid of contact points hassle) and maybe a brake servo unit to help with braking.

30/04/04 - Ignition is in and the timing is done. It runs a hell of lot better than it did although still not great maybe I am looking for a bit too much from an old car.

Also just got some wheel spacers as the front wheels are about an inch out on the mould so I haven't got a great turning circle so will be fitting one of those on later today on the left hand side to balance things out

11/09/04 Update. Well got my Drauz badges and they are on (see the final build gallery). Move the ATF fluid filler tank and the drip has gone. Will focus on the engine over the winter, I think it's getting a bit hot, haven't had any problems so far but I would be happier if it was cooler so I am going to move the oil cooler under the wheel arch and vent the engine a bit more. This isn't that big a job really, just time.

02/04/05 - You can see from the build page I've decided to get the engine bay sorted out, also looking into the carb setup. I think i might need vacuum advance to get rid of flat acceleration spots (which i've always put down to bad carb) setup but after reading www.aircooled.net website have rethought about it. Looking to get this sorted out before the summer. It isn't critical but would be nice to be running smoothly..

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Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D
December 1