Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D


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porsche kit carTechnical Info and Build Info

This is actually more build info than technical.

Well first off its a VW based kit styled on a Convertible D so basically it is all VDub mechanics. Early Porsche and VW engines aren't that different, when Dr Ferdinand Porsche set out on his own he could not really afford to spend major amounts on tooling so its pretty much similar to a VW. Beetles are flat 4. Porsches I think are predominantly flat 6

How do you tell the difference between a 356 Convertible D and a 356 Speedster?
This is identifiable by a bigger (deeper) window screen and squared off windows.

There should also be a small Drauz coach building badge on the front quarter just behind the wheel arch which i have now got from parts obselete (see the links pages for their contact, top blokes).

The engine I have is my old VW beetle 1500 single port engine that now has 1641cc unleaded heads and is now twin port. In addition I picked up some dual carbs along the way which are also fitted.

Update - engine gave up the ghost so now have a new full recon 1600 that runs beautifully.

This car is a bit unique in that it is based on a semi automatic transmission (again from a VW beetle). This is for my own personal reasons, I had a nasty car crash a few years ago so auto is easier to drive. Room had to be made for the tanks and solenoid to operate this.

The seats are intatrim pioneer seats, ivory with a red beading.

The screen was fitted after a lot of modifications by Michael at Speedstars who has done a really excellent job. It also has wind up windows but as these were never properly available for the kit and in actual fact were impossible to fit originally (Legend Terry Sands balls up!) Michael opted for Perspex windows with a wind up mechanism that was jigged around the door handle bits, tricky.

The suspension is Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) found mostly on old semi automatic beetles. haven't been in a leaf spring kit but I am told that the IRS is a bit more stable.

Steering wheel is a momo wheel I got from some classified ad eons ago.

Wheels are the proper steel (7 series?) wheels with baby moon hubcaps.

Lights are improved halogen ones, pretty much available everywhere.

The hood has been modified to have a bit more of a bow in it.

Colour is Ford KA electric currant red

The kit design itself is actually a monocot shell design so you actually have the floorpan already built in, no cut beetle floorpan here. The pedals are drop down as oppose to floor up VW ones, due to the fact that I never started off with the VW floorpan.

Haven't got a clue how much it weighs but probably bugger all, its fibreglass body and floor.

Decals I picked up from shows, ebay and some from Legend car co.

Exhaust is a monza 4 tip

Carpets are black as is the hood. The hood cover is cream to match the seats when it is down. Carpets have a red piping around them to match the body.

Uniquely it is a semi automatic or more commonly known as a shiftless clutch, you put your hand on the gear lever and contacts are bridged which then activate a solenoid and the clutch servo to open the clutch. You then select gear and take your hand off, brilliant really and very advanced for its time - it is all stock vw/porsche.

Don't know how fast it goes but I've had it up to about 90 which is fast enough, I try to keep around 60 cause I don't want anything nasty top happen and what's the point in flying by, no one can see you.  It does get a lot of looks and attention hopefully not just because it is so unique and a real classic style but also maybe because people appreciate how much work goes into something like this.


Build info updated >>> click me



Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D