Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D

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Some jobs I have been meaning to do for ages finally got done over winter..
  • Boot Carpet
  • Accelerator Cable Mod
  • Brake servo
  • Exhaust shroud
  • Deeper oil sump.

Brakes on VWs and early Porsches aren't great especially if you jump out of a modern car into an old one. The brakes really needed something doing so I got sourced an aftermarket brake servo unit off of eBay, cost me a bit but well worth it. Bit of a pain to fit but I took my time over it. You can see it in the carpet pics, the big shiny thing in the centre.

Makes life much better knowing you are going to stop, a world of difference.

click on image to enlarge


I was really pleased with the carpet, got it off of eBay (where else!). Again took a while to fit but finishes it really nicely. I need to do something with the water bottle as it looks a bit crap but it's not a major pressing job.

While I was doing the carpet I also had the front apart, petrol tank out etc to check the steering. I wasn't totally happy with the free play so I fitted a new box to it which has also made a world of difference. Took an age to do though as it was a right pain to get to.

The thing that took me longest was figuring out how to improve the accelerator cable setup. It goes over the petrol tank at the font, down then back to the engine in the back. The cable was getting kinked and I was not happy with it.

What I came up with was a pivot bracket (a gate bracket actually bent to shape) setup which runs onto a pulley.

I used a steel coat hanger to provide the first leg of the journey from the pedal box to the hinge then the other corner of the hinge attaches to the cable which runs over the pulley which then feeds the cable through to the back of the car where the engine is. It took me ages to figure this all out and get the bits. I couldn't get solder-less nipples to secure the cable so used a 3 pin plug prong.

A major issue was attaching it securely to the petrol tank. I didn't fancy welding it (I don't have a welder anyway) and screwing it on was a no go. Then I found liquid metal, its like a putty which you mix up and within 20 minutes it turns into the closest thing to metal you will see which was ideal for bonding the bracket to the tank.

And I have to say it works beautifully, I'm really chuffed with the final result.

The temperature of the engine has been troubling me for a while. I fitted a Gene Berg temperature sender which goes in place of the dipstick, basically a light comes on if oil pressure is low or engine is too hot but it doesn't really solve the problem.

I figured it was most likely caused by the heat coming up from the exhaust and wanted to find a way of deflecting this. I looked at exhaust wraps but they are pricey and sizes weren't too great to cover a full box, they seem to be aimed at exhaust pipes, then I found a company that sells heat reflective sheets of what I think is steel or poss ally. It is pressed to give the surface lots of irregularities to deflect heat.

I fitted this over the exhaust box between the engine bay and the exhaust. The idea is it will shield some of the heat away and as soon as I start moving again it will cool down quickly as it isn't very thick. So far so good. You'll also see the extra capacity sump I picked up which increases the oil capacity a bit more and so helps with cooling.


I really haven't got many more jobs to do now and summers here. I went to Battlesbridge car show in May and the car got a lot of positive feedback so I must have done something right.

Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D